Custom Order Payment

To start a job we require 100% down payment if we ship an order or 50% deposit under Pick Up / Delivery options and a customer pays a balance on pick up / delivery.

On this web page you can pay for non-standard lawn bag sign orders (options not included in a price list on Home page) and other our products and services with credit cards VISA and Master Card. We don't accept American Express cards.

We also accept the following payment options (which are not represented on this web page):

If you want to pay for your order with VISA or MC cards, please follow these simple steps (STEPS 1-3) before sending your payment (STEP 4):

STEP 1: contact us and let us know
  • what product you want to purchase,
  • how many items you are ordering,
  • if you require delivery / shipment or you'll pick up your order when the job is done.

STEP 2: Send us your art work or provide with all the necessary information to let us create design for your order (artwork fee may apply).

To send us your artwork you may use Contact us form.

STEP 3: Upon receiving all necessary information for your order we'll send you by e-mail or fax an invoice with the total for this job including tax charge (if apply).

STEP 4: Pay for the order with VISA or Master Card using the form below:

NOTE: Fields marked with * (asterix) are manadatory.

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and any other information you want us to
know regarding this payment).
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Our customer service department is available from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.
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