Directional Lawn Signs

With Printed Arrows

We use screen printing process to make lawn bag signs and we have to make a separate screen for each design even if you want us to change 1 character only. If you need arrows on your signs facing the same direction, we have to make 2 screens instead of one: one side arrow has a point turned left and the other side arrow has a point turned right. Only in this case sign arrows show the same direction when you look at each sign side. See the illustration below:

Each screen takes time and labor so the second screen charge is $50.00.

Directional Lawn Signs With Cut Out Vinyl Arrows

Sometimes our customers ask for directional lawn signs with arrows facing different directions – left, right, up-right, bottom-left etc. In this case we use our know-how for directional lawn signs. We cut out vinyl arrows on 24”(w) vinyl sheet with adhesive vinyl sheet to let you apply these arrows on lawn signs in any direction you want (right, left, up, down etc). This option is very convenient and doesn’t take much time to apply arrows. Besides these arrows are made of adhesive vinyl, not paper and they are weatherproof. See the pictures below:

100 4.5”x3.5” cut out vinyl arrows on 43”x24” adhesive red vinyl sheet:

200pcs 4.5”x3.5” cut out vinyl arrows for 100 lawn bag signs are $40.00 so in general cut out vinyl arrow option is more economical than printed arrow option.