24"x63" X-Banner Stand <> Fast & Inexpensive X-Stand

X-banner stand set includes 24in x 63in x 13oz vinyl banner, durable aluminum hardware and black Easy Carry Travel Bag (Tote) with shoulder strap and handles.

QTY* 1pc 2pcs 3pcs 4pcs 5pcs 6pcs 10pcs
X-Stand Price $39.00 $37.00 $34.00 $33.00 $29.00 $27.00 $24.00
Banner Price ** $50.00 $48.00 $45.00 $42.00 $40.00 $38.00 $35.00
Total for a set $89.00 $85.00 $79.00 $75.00 $69.00 $65.00 $59.00
*Design can be different for each banner **4 metal grommets (rings) are included in the price

Are you looking for the most economical way to advertise your business or an event?

A popular new X-banner stand is the best solution for any interior advertising.
X-stand has a lightweight yet durable sleek design and can be assembled in minutes.

If your business is involved in trade shows throughout the year or you just need a banner stand that's ideal for on the go, consider the X-Frame banner.

33.5"x80" Roll-Up Banner Stand <> Slide-in-Top Banner Display

Roll-Up Banner Stand set includes 33.5in x 80in x 13oz vinyl banner, 34in x 3.5in x 3.5in aluminum stand and black Easy Carry Travel Hard Case with shoulder strap and handles. Roll-up banner slides in 34"x3.5"x3.5" aluminum base with 2 extended feet (legs) for more stability. The weight of one roll up banner installed in a stand is 6 lbs.

QTY* 1pc 2pcs 3pcs 4pcs 5pcs 6pcs 10pcs
Roll-Up Stand Price $44.00 $42.00 $40.00 $38.00 $36.00 $32.00 $30.00
Banner Price $95.00 $93.00 $89.00 $87.00 $83.00 $78.00 $69.00
Total for a set $139.00 $135.00 $129.00 $125.00 $119.00 $110.00 $99.00
*Design can be different for each banner

This model of Roll Up Banner Stand is one of the best Classic Economy Banner Display. An economy class banner stand is an effective stationery point of vending places, office and industry centres.

Use this Easy To Carry Portable Banner everywhere displaying your company products: exhibitions, trade shows, banks, airports, hotel lobbies or sales meetings.

This stand model has thicker aluminum base and 2 extended legs for more stability. A black carrying case is very comfortable, reliable and easy to handle. You can set up this Banner Display in 30sec!

For shipping calculation the box size for one roll up banner is 35in x 5in x 5in with the weight 8LB. Usually we use Canada Post Expedited Service to ship a parcel.

Print Conditions:

We use high resolution full colour digital print on13oz durable vinyl banner material.

Turnaround time for one banner is 1- 2 business days. Please confirm a production time with us when you are ordering 3 or more banners.

Please note that design is not included in the prices above. Design fee is $10 -$50 depending on the time we spend on your art work. If you have Ready-To-Use art work, you may upload it through Contact Us Form.

Design Requirements:

For 24"x63" X-Banner Stand: The art work image size should be 24.25 in x 63.25 in (1/4" bleed). Please note that there are 4 metal grommets in banner corners, 3/4" from edges.

For 33.5"x80" Roll-Up Banner Stand: The art work image size should be 33.75 in x 80.25 in (1/4” bleed). Don’t place a text on the very top of a banner (keep it 1” below the top banner edge) and don’t place a text on the banner bottom (keep it at least 2” above the bottom banner edge). The banner top (about 0.5” high) is going inside the top stand holder and the banner bottom (about 1.5" high) is going inside an aluminum stand. Don’t place any useful information in these areas, it won’t be visible. So the actual viewing banner size is 33.5"x78" (0.5" top bleed / 1.5" bottom bleed).

Generally speaking we accept both formats of vector and pixel graphics. The pixel graphics must be in CMYK mode with the resolution at least 150dpi (standard is 200dpi) if you want to have the best quality print. Vector graphics must be embedded, fonts must be converted into curves.

Changing the Banner

The stand itself is very durable and high quality, and will be in good use for many years to come, even as your business needs change. If you already have a banner stand base and want to order just a new banner to use with it, here are the instructions to changing the banners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you print banners? If so, what material do you use? What are your prices for 6-12 6'x4' banners?

A: For banners we use banner vinyl with different thickness. If you order 6 - 12 6ft x4ft banners, print on one side of 10oz banner is $4.00/sq.ft, 13oz banner is $5.00/sq.ft, 18oz banner is $6.00/sq.ft. Grommets (metal rings) are $1.00/ea. Our vinyl banners are digitally printed using the latest technology and the most durable inks and materials. We use solvent-based ink to print on banners and no lamination is required with banner stocks and they can be used both indoor and outdoor. Lamination is also available when necessary for very long term usage for the price $2.00/sq.ft.

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Q: How many grommets do you recommend for 4'x3' banner with one side print?

A: Usually for 48"x36" banner I recommend 6 grommets (4' length needs one extra grommet in the centre). Grommets are $1.00/ea.

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Please see previously printed banners in our gallery for design ideas: